Become A Foster Home

Opening your heart and home to a rescue dog is one of the most rewarding acts of kindness you can do. Without our foster homes, so many dog would be undeservedly left in horrid conditions or put down. By becoming a foster home, you are saving the lives of dogs who deserve loving homes. Yes there can be challenges in fostering, but the payoff in knowing you saved a life makes it all the worthwhile. Seeing a dog that you helped save go to a loving family is absolutely priceless.

As a foster home you will provide day to day care and basic training. We also ask that you bring your foster dog to our weekly meet and greets. Hands, Hearts & Paws (HHP) will pay for all vet care, food, and preventatives. When the time comes, you will also be the one to say goodbye when they go to their new home. This can emotional but as stated before, very very rewarding.

If you would like to become a foster home, here are the steps to take and expect:
The first step in becoming a foster home is to fill out our application. This is the same as our adoption application. So in the “What pet(s) are you interested in adopting” section, say that you are applying to become a foster home.
Veterinarian & Reference Checks
The veterinarian check is to ensure that you meet our standards and requirements as a pet caretaker. The reference checks are to hear from others on how you would be as a foster dog home.
Home Visit
If your application and vet/reference checks are approved, the next step is a home visit. During the home visit, HHP will inspect your home to ensure that it will be a good foster home and meets our requirements. We do ask that everyone who lives in the home be present during the home visit.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Meet and Greets
At our weekly meet and greets, we sometimes need extra hands to hold onto leashes. If you would like volunteer at a meet and greet, comment on the Facebook meet and greet event page or email
Many of the dogs that we rescue come from well outside the Omaha area. In those cases we rely on volunteers to drive out and bring those dogs back to Omaha. Sometimes the dogs are transported relay style and you meet another transport vehicle to continue the dog’s journey.  If you’re interested in helping rescue dogs through transport, email for more information.
Supplies Donation
We are always in need of supplies that can help us take care of our fosters. These can include dog beds, towels, blankets, kennels, leashes (non-retractable), etc. Comment on our Facebook page or email if you have items you would like to donate.
 Monetary Donation
Of course we can also always use monetary donations. Your donation will go towards dog food, medical care, and supplies. Click the button below to make a donation.