Where are you located?
We are based in Omaha, Nebraska but since we are a foster home based rescue, we do not have a central place to visit. All of our dogs live in the homes of their foster families where they receive lots of love and care. This also allows the foster family to know the rescue dog well and better answer any questions you may have.
How long is the adoption process?
This is somewhat dependent on how quickly we are able to confirm your veterinarian and reference checks. Adoption time is also dependent upon everyone’s schedule for the introduction and home visit. Remember that we are a volunteer run organization so schedules can vary. But if everything goes smoothly, the time from application to adoption can all happen within a week.
What is the adoption cost?
Adoptions start at $275. This helps cover the costs of taking care of the foster dog such as food, shots, and spay/neuter. If you are adopting a puppy, there will be additional shots in the future that you will be responsible for.
Do you require fences?
Not all of our dogs require a fenced in yard but many do. Sometimes a dog will  be required to have a fence that is at least 6ft high. Each dog’s profile on Petfinder will state whether or not a fence is required.
Where do your rescue dogs come from?
We take in dogs from all types of situations such as abandonment, overbreeding, and surrenders. Many come from shelters out of Missouri due to the high number of puppy mills there and the state’s proximity to Omaha. Unfortunately many states such as Missouri have lax breeding laws that allow for an overpopulation of dogs that are abandoned.
If I don’t live near Omaha can I still adopt?
Yes you can! First fill out the adoption application. If the application and veterinarian/reference checks are approved, a home visit will be scheduled. Volunteers will visit your home to ensure that it meets our requirements and will be a good one for the dog you are wanting to adopt. If the home visit goes well, you will need to travel to Omaha to meet the dog for an introduction. After a successful introduction, the adoption can proceed.
 Are all the dogs available for adoption fully vetted?
All of our dogs will have been spayed/neutered, updated on vaccinations, heart worm tested, fecal tested, microchipped, and treated for any other medical needs while in rescue. If puppies are adopted at a young age, they could possibly still require a puppy booster vaccination of which the adopting family will be responsible for.
 My application was denied, do you think I’m a bad dog owner?
Please do not take an application denial personally. It just means that you did not meet our requirements for an adoption. We have high standards for adoptions because we want the best homes and best fits for our rescues.

Any recommendations on quality dog food?
We recommend visiting www.dogfoodadvisor.com which is a great resource to find out what kinds and brands of food are best for you dog.